Friday, March 21, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

We're kicking our first night off with a Scavenger Hunt. It's going to be BIG! It's going to be FUN! Soooo DON'T MISS IT!! Meet at 7:45pm outside Movix, Teramachi, Friday 4th April, 2008. Bring your friends.

What's a Scavenger Hunt? Well, here’s how it works. Get a bunch of your friends together and divide into teams. In a set time, try to find as many things as possible on a list. The team with the most items from the list at the end of that time wins.

ゴミ集め競争は何であるか。 友人のチームを装い、リストの項目を見つけなさい。 制限時間内のほとんどの項目を見つけるチームは勝つ!

ところ: 次の場合には大会外のMovix Teramachi
金曜日時間4月4日2008 @ 7:45 pm
持って来るべきこと: あなたの友人およびカメラ(携帯電話のカメラ)

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